Bob Hage

Get the new CD from Bob. It features songs composed by Bob, Wayne Somerville, and Joe Munroe. It features performances by these three as well as special guests Bob Banerjee, Mark Wilson, Katie Simone, and Billy Evanochko. Check it out at the link below.

My first band, The Underground Balloon Corps, was signed by Music Factory Records in 1971. This resulted in a single that was placed on juke boxes throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.  It also received regional radio play.  The band traveled that region extensively.  When the band broke up, I began a teaching career that lasted thirty six years.  During that time, I played in numerous local bands.  At retirement from teaching, I decided to try my hand at song writing again.  With help from close friend and master singer, song writer, Wayne Somerville, and master musician Joe Munroe, my first album was recorded. I still perform locally with the Jason Craig Band.