Behringer GDI-21

If you’ve ever had a guitar amp fail on the gig, you will appreciate the Behringer GDI21.  This unit is designed to go at the end of your pedal chain, simulate a guitar amp, and send the signal to the FOH.  It has an XLR output just for this purpose.  It could also be used for small gigs where you don’t want to use an amplifier.  I had been asked to gig with an acoustic duo.  They wanted some electric guitar fills.  Normally this would mean bringing a guitar, pedal board, and an amp.  Now I do the gig with just the guitar and pedal board, feeding their PA with the GDI21.

The unit has Drive, Treble, Bass, and Level knobs, and switches for various settings for amp simulation and gain.  It also has a ground lift.  The unit is made of metal, and seems very well built.  Check out my video below.